Paint Companies, Chemicals Suppliers, Raw Material Manufacturers and Developers of Disruptive Technologies

For nearly 20 years Safinah has provided its clients with valuable insight into the latest market trends, technologies and end user needs to enable better targeting of product/system development, marketing and IPR protection.


Working with many leading end users of coatings gives our work an edge that cannot be purchased in off-the-shelf reports.

Our knowledge of formulation and testing programmes helps clients to reduce the time and cost to take product to market. We have assessed a range of disruptive technologies from new biocides and fouling prevention techniques to coating system alternatives.

Our team has unrivalled experience and expertise in developing market demand studies for marine, protective and yacht coatings and passive fire protection systems. Our added value analysis has enabled clients to understand the pricing and cost base of the industry.


Safinah can provide the following bespoke offer:

  • Expert Witness
  • Failure Analysis
  • Market Analysis and Research
      Market forecasting and trend analysis and added value assessments
    o   End user needs analysis and customer surveys
    o   Branding and IPR Guidance
  • Technology Development
    o   Formulation and test programme guidance (including starter formulations)
    o   Technical support
    o   Technology Reviews
  • Training on coating chemistry


Safinah has worked with many of the world’s leading paint companies, chemicals suppliers and raw material manufacturers and has built a long term relationship with many customers, to reduce the risk involved in product development and to save them time and money.

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