Coating Process Optimisation

Reduce costs, increase productivity and improve competitiveness with our coating process optimisation programme.

Safinah offers advice and services to enable you to optimise your coating processes. Our team has wide experience of painting processes in large scale manufacturing such as fabrication shops and yards, ship building as well as OEM and on-site application.

Our process improvement studies look at key factors that impact on:

  • pre-production activities,
  • throughput rate,
  • process loss (waste – paint and blasting medium),
  • downtime and turnaround times,
  • service costs (heating and extraction),
  • health, safety and the environment.

These factors all impact on productivity, costs and delivery and therefore the competitiveness of your business. Process optimisation can have other knock-on benefits including reducing project overrun and late penalty costs and increased service level to your customers as well as improved quality.

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