Technology Development

Involving Safinah’s experts in your technology development will increase prognosis for success, reduce the cost of investment and minimise failure in service.

Safinah can add real value to your technology development. As world-leaders in independent paint technology assessment, Safinah’s experts have vast knowledge and experience in the world of marine, protective and yacht coatings.

We offer:

  • Assessment of the effectiveness of a technology, including product life cycle analysis and added value assessment as well as pricing guides and end user needs review,
  • Test programme design processes in which the products and technologies can be tested against the environments they are to be used in or to support new standards or regulations,
  • Trends in the marketplace, from consumer demand to new competition, evolving technology and branding advice,
  • Bespoke formulation advice,
  • Identification of market-led requirements for product attributes to guide development.

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