Alan Pratt

Alan Pratt, Consultant
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    Technical Operations, Paint Chemistry
  • Qualifications
    ACG Chemistry
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Alan Pratt is a Paint Chemist by training and for the last 20 years has worked in China for one of the world’s largest suppliers of marine and heavy duty coatings.

As Director of Technical Operations in China, Alan set up and established a technical operations department to support the growth of the Chinese shipbuilding, ship repair and ship owning sectors.

Alan was responsible for specification and guarantee approvals as well as managing claims and providing training to site teams of many ship owner clients.

This time in China has given Alan tremendous insight into the fastest growing maritime nation in the world.

His knowledge of Paint Chemistry has assisted him throughout his career in Technical Service, to provide insight into all aspects of coating performance and has enhanced his ability to understand and determine the causes of coating failures.

Alan has worked on a variety of projects, for commercial and naval clients.

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