John Smith

John Smith, Consultant
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    Technical Operations in Marine & Offshore
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    BSc Metallurgy
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John Smith has spent over 30 years in the marine and protective coatings industry working for one of the world’s largest suppliers of marine and heavy duty coatings.

For the last 20 years he has worked in Korea as the Technical Operations Director for the major marine coating supplier in Korea. He has worked with all the major shipyards and has supported those ship owners having vessels built there.

As a result he fully understands the needs of modern shipyards and how coatings impact on their performance and output. Part of his role was also to take the lead in the investigation of any failure of coatings on client vessels/facilities.

This has given John great insight into the link between work at new construction and the subsequent in service performance of all coating types. His whole career has focussed on the inspection and assessment of coatings in the field and he recently spent a month working with a Japanese shipyard client to assist them in compliance with the needs of the IMO PSPC regulations.

John has developed and delivered numerous training courses to shipyard and ship owner personnel and is well respected in the ship owner community.

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